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The reduction initiatives include the improvement in efficiency of our transport network, like tour optimization, the deployment of innovative solutions, like Predict or Pickup, the addition of alternative fuel vehicles or the incorporation of suitable vehicles like double deck or long combination trucks. Reducing our GHG emissions is the second step of our Carbon Neutral Commitment.

In its carbon neutrality programme, DPD Group is involved in a triple mechanism consisting of measuring its GHG emissions (CO2e), reducing them via in-house initiatives, and offsetting the emissions that cannot be avoided.

For ensuring its carbon neutral commitment, DPD group targets a reduction of road transport GHG emissions of 10% per parcel. The reduction is to be achieved by 2020, compared to the year 2013.

The perimeter of the reduction program are the road transport activities of pick-up and delivery tours and long distance transport, including our subcontractors. 


What actions are being deployed to achieve reduction?

Improve the performance of our fleet

Increase the first delivery attempt

Fuel switch towards natural gas or electric vehicles

This transport method consists in adding a second floor inside the truck to get extra space

Long Combination Vehicle’s have longer and/or multiple trailers that can provide more loading capacity

Reduce the number of trucks on the road



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We measure

our carbon footprint with externally audited methods and tools. 

We offset

the remaining transport related emissions by investing in 6 projects in Europe, Turkey and India


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