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Drone rules

Drone rules


ORGANISING COMPANYGeoPost, with share capital of €701,573,487, whose registered office is located at 26, rue Guynemer - 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux (France), registered with the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under number 340.012.392 (hereinafter the "Organising Company") is organising a competition called "#MyDPDdrone" (hereinafter referred to as the "Competition"), to be held from 04/09/2016 from 2pm to 6pm (GMT).


TERMS OF ENTRYThe Competition is open to any adult judged capable under French Law, (hereinafter the "Participant" or the "Participants").In order to validly participate in the Competition, the Participant must have a Twitter account when he/she registered as well as access to the Internet.Entry in this Competition is limited to one go per person for the entire duration of the Competition. The Organising Company reserves the right to exclude any Participant who does not respect the conditions of entry defined in this Clause, and reserves the right to ask for proof of the Participant's age.The Competition and its promotion are not managed or sponsored by Twitter. The Organising Company thus relieves Twitter of any responsibility regarding anything relating to the Competition, its organisation and its promotion.


PARTICIPATIONRegistration:Eligible persons as set out in Clause 2 of these Regulations, may register for the Competition when they visit the stand held by the Organising Company at the drone festival organised by the City of Paris on 04 September 2016, between 2pm and 6pm (GMT).The Participant's registration is completed by- writing his/her first name, surname and email address on the registration form presented to him/her and - signing the registration form thus proving that they have read and accepted these Regulations provided to Participants during the registration process and also available at the following internet address: 
Participation in the Competition equates to full and unconditional acceptance of provisions set out in these Regulations.Participation:The Participant must then take a selfie (self portrait taken using the camera of a mobile telephone) or a photo with the DPDgroup drone presented at the stand (hereinafter the "Photo"). 
After having taken the Photo, the Participant must post it on the social network known as Twitter, using their personal account, including the following hashtag: #MyDPDdroneFrom this moment, unless these Regulations are infringed in any way, the registration will be considered valid.


DETERMINING CONTEST WINNERSDrawing lots:The Organising Company will use the platform «» to draw four lots from those persons who correctly validated their registration (cf. Clauses 2 and 3 or the Regulations) at the following times: 1st draw: 3pm GMT;2nd draw: 4pm GMT;3rd draw: 5pm GMT;4th draw: 6pm GMT.Should someone who has not complied with the entry conditions as set out in these Regulations win a prize draw, the Organising Company shall hold a new draw. Should someone who has already been selected during a previous draw be selected again, a new draw shall be held. A Participant can only win one prize draw in this category. The results of the prize draw shall be published thirty (30) minutes after each draw, via a post published on the Twitter page of the Organising Company or via an announcement on the DPDgroup stand. Jury Selection:When the Participant registers, he/she also enters his/herself for a second prize category. A jury composed of Inanna Martin and Estelle Vera will select the twenty (20) most original photos within the twenty four (24) hours following the end of the Competition. This selection by the Jury shall be arbitrary and made from all of the Photos posted on the Twitter network as part of the Competition. The results of the Jury’s selection shall be announced via a post on the Twitter page of the Organising Company published on 05 September 2016 from 4pm GMT.


PRIZESDrawing lots:In total, four prizes each consisting of an day-long introduction to drone flying organised by the company Skyangel, accommodation for one night full-board for two persons, for a total value of €429 each, are available to win. Each prize shall be valid for 6 months.The winner must arrange for their own return travel to the CEEMA centre.Jury Selection:The twenty Participants chosen by the Jury shall each win one (1) DPD-personalised Blade Inductrix RTF mini-drone costing €74.90 ex. VAT. 


CLAIMING PRIZESParticipants who have won one or more prizes shall be contacted by private message sent to their personal Twitter account within three days of the winners being announced. The prizes shall be sent to winners by any means depending on their type.The prizes shall be accepted as announced in these Regulations. No modification, consideration or financial equivalent may be requested from the Organising Company for any reason whatsoever. The prize may under no circumstances be transferred, given or sold to another person.The Organising Company shall provide no service nor guarantee, winnings shall consist of the prizes specified for each Competition category. Where applicable, the definitive procedures for claiming and using the prize shall be communicated.Failing acceptance and express confirmation of their winnings and contact information within seven (7) days of contact having been made by the Organising Company, the winner(s)' silence shall be taken as a pure and simple renunciation of any winnings. In this case, the prize shall not be given out.It should be noted that no message will be sent to loosing participants. The Organising Company reserves the right, for whatever reason, to replace the prizes by products of an equal or greater value should the aforementioned prizes not be available, without entitling the winner to any claim whatsoever in this regard.Should it not be possible for the Organising Company to deliver the announced prizes for reasons beyond its control, including in the event that the provision of incorrect information by the Winner prevents successful delivery of the prize, no cash or financial equivalent may be claimed, and the Organising Company may not be held liable.


PHOTO CHARACTERISTICSOnly the 1st entry validated under the conditions set out in Clause 3 of these Regulations shall be counted for the Competition.  The Photos must not be retouched, modified or use any graphic effect such as a "filter" or text.The Photo must include at least two of the following features: the Participant with the DPDgroup drone.By taking part in the competition, Participants must ensure that the content of their work(s) uploaded to Twitter respects all of the national and European legislation in force, in particular, health and safety regulations, respect of public order and good morals (bonnes mœurs). The Photo must not incite others to commit contraventions, crimes or offences, must not be provocative or discriminative, must not incite hatred or violence. Photos containing naked or partly-naked persons are not permitted. The Participant is thus solely responsible for any complaints which may be levelled against him/her if he/she contravenes the aforementioned rules.The Participant must ensure that their work is original, unpublished and that he is the sole holder of the related usage rights. It is thus the Participant's responsibility to gain authorisation of any third parties who have directly or indirectly participated in their work. The Participant must also ensure that the Photo does not contain or mention any commercial brand, logo or other distinctive sign (on clothing worn, accessories and surroundings), with the exception of the logo of the Organising Company.Should the Photo contain one or more persons, the Participant must ensure that he/she obtains the prior authorisation of any persons concerned. The Organising Company shall consider the Participant as the sole author of the Photo that he/she has entered into the Competition. 


IMAGE RELEASE AND AUTHORISATION OF USEImage release:By entering into the Competition, the Participant waives his/her copyright, licences, commercial and exploitation rights over any Photos uploaded as part of the Competition, for a duration of five (5) years from the date of entry. This waiver is valid even if the Participant does not win a prize.The Participants grant the Organising Company, its subsidiaries and all third parties involved in the Organising Company’s internal or external communications, the following copyrights they hold, free of charge:- all the user rights over all the photos, i.e. the reproduction, manufacture, distribution and circulation of the Photo in any quantities using any procedure, in any form, particularly by printing, drawing, photography, film, video, electronic or digital media or any other similar media known or unknown to date, and/or any procedure used in the graphic and visual arts,- representation rights, i.e. the right to represent and communicate the Photo to the public directly or indirectly in any way and by any method and/or on any media whatsoever, particularly through public presentation and broadcast, by uploading onto the Internet, through posters and public exhibitions, TV broadcasting and showing of films and/or any method of distributing any type of images, documents, data and messages (such as television, networks, IT, telematics or internet) either known or unknown to date, including the purchase of advertising space,- adaptation rights, i.e. any modification of the form of the Photo.
The transfer of the above rights to the Photo personally uploaded by the Participant during the Competition applies to all countries for as long as photo(s) are protected by intellectual property rights as provided for by the current and future international laws and agreements that apply, as well as any extensions of them.
By agreeing to take part, all Participants acknowledge and agree that the Organising Company is entitled to access their enrolment details. Any personal data shall be used in compliance with Clause 9 of these Regulations.
Should a Participant refuse to give the aforementioned licence, he/she renounces any prizes.
Authorisations to use image content:All Participants must ensure that they have received the appropriate authorisation from any person shown in their Photo.


PERSONAL DATAIn accordance with the amended French Data Protection Act 78-17 of 6 January 1978, every Participant has a right to access, correct and delete data pertaining to them, and may object to the processing of this data as follows by writing to the following address: GeoPostImmeuble Lemnys – C301 26, Rue Guynemer92130 Issy Les MoulineauxAny person exercising the right to delete their data before the end of the Competition shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the competition. Similarly any winner requesting the deletion of their personal data before the delivery date of the prize, making contact with the Organising Company impossible, will be deemed to have withdrawn from the competition and their prize.


SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYEntry into the Competition implies knowledge and acceptance of the features and limitations of the Internet, particularly with regard to technical performance, response times when checking, querying or transferring information, the lack of protection of certain data against possible misuse and risk of infection by viruses circulating on the network.The Organising Company may not be held responsible for the malfunction of the site and/or the Competition when using a given browser.The Organising Company makes no guarantee that the site and/or the Competition will run without interruption, that it does not contain any computer errors or that faults identified will be corrected. In the event of technical malfunction of the Competition, the Organising Company reserves the right where necessary to invalidate and/or cancel the hourly session in which the said malfunction occurred. No claims resulting from said action shall be considered.The Organising Company shall not be held liable if the data relating to the registration of a Participant does not reach it for any reason beyond its control (eg, Internet connection problem due to any cause at the user's location, a temporary fault in our servers for any reason, etc.) or if said data arrives in a form that is illegible or impossible to process (for example, if the Participant is using hardware or a software environment that is unsuitable for registration, etc.).The Organising Company reserves the right to exclude from entry in this Competition any person who disrupts the progress of the Competition, and to prosecute any individual having cheated, deceived, faked or disrupted the operations described in these Regulations, or attempted to do so. Any winner who has cheated automatically forfeits all rights to any winning.Any information provided by the winner, including their contact details, shall be considered void and will not be taken into consideration if it contains inaccuracies.The Organising Company may not be held liable for damages of any kind (personal, physical, material, financial or otherwise) arising in connection with a person's participation in the Competition.The Organising Company reserves the right to modify, extend, curtail, suspend or cancel this Competition in part or in whole, for any reason whatsoever, including force majeure, without incurring liability. These changes may be subject to prior notification by all appropriate means. No compensation may be claimed by the entrant(s).Any entry which violates the provisions set out in these Regulations may be annulled by the Organising Company.


ENTRY COSTThe entry cost of the electronic connection shall be reimbursed following a simple written request to GeoPost, Bâtiment Lemnys - Direction de la Communication, 26 rue Guynemer, 92130 ISSY LES MOULINEAUX FRANCE. No reimbursement costs sent by e-mail shall be eligible. Any reimbursement requests must be send within 48 hours of the entry and must include, as soon as available, the documents required on the following basis:For entry, the total reimbursement shall amount to the fixed sum of €0.61 for the cost of communication incurred by entering into the Competition.In order to receive the aforementioned reimbursement, each Participant must include the following with their request:- their first name, surname, postal address and e-mail address- a photocopy of their identity card- the date and time of their entry- a photocopy of the detailed invoice from the telephone service operator and/or access provider, as soon as available. This photocopy shall provide proof of address.Given that under current service and technical offers, certain Internet access providers offer a free or fixed-price connection to Internet users, it is expressly agreed that any access to the Site from a free or fixed-price connection (such as cable, ADSL or leased line) may not be reimbursed, as the subscription to the services provided by the access provider is in this case subject to a contract taken out by the Internet user for their general Internet usage and that connecting to the Site and participating in the Competition does not cause the Participant any additional cost or outlay.The postage costs relating to the request for the reimbursement of costs set out above may also be reimbursed to the value of of second-class (tarif lent)postage. This request must be expressly indicated.


DISPUTESThese Regulations are governed by French law.Parties shall agree to attempt to settle any dispute arising out of the interpretation and/or performance of these Regulations amicably. If no agreement may be reached, the dispute may be submitted to the appropriate Paris Tribunals.An English version of this Regulation is available but should a dispute arise about interpretation, the French version shall prevail as the reference.CLAUSE 13: REGULATION SUBMISSIONThe Competition regulations shall be available online throughout the entire duration of the Competition on the Organising Company's Twitter account and will be available to the Participant upon registering at the Organising Company's stand. Furthermore, these Regulations have been submitted to the following authority:Raphaël Farhi, PrincipalSCP LOUVION PLUMELHuissiers de Justice 23-29 Rue de la Belle Feuille92100 BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURTWho is responsible for their correct implementation.

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