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Smart urban delivery

Over 74% of the European population lives in a city. As wedeliver to more and more people every day, we need to beaware of our impact on urban populations and communitiesand offer solutions that improve people’s way of life.Our commitment toward Smart Urban Delivery is to improveurban-life by giving people greater delivery choices, whilehelping to tackle traffic congestion and to reduce localpollution.Our actions in this field also result in significant benefits: lessparticulate matter emissions in our cities, less traffic on ourroads and less time wasted by customers waiting for theirparcels.



How we do it:

  • we measure the environmental impact of our logisticplatforms and of our vehicles in city centresŸŸ 
  • we develop innovative delivery services, like Predictincreasing first-time delivery successŸŸ 
  • we offer customers the choice and the flexibility of theplace and the day they want to be delivered