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On the day of picking up the consignment we notify the Addressee of the picking up of his parcel, of the amount of cash on delivery and of delivery on the next day. In a reply message the Addressee can modify the date of delivery if the next day is not convenient to him. On the day of delivery of the Consignment we will send a new SMS to the Addressee in which we notify him of the exact delivery of his Consignment so he will learn if the arrival of the DPD courier is expectable before or after noon. The client is notified of the arrival of the package, and the exact amount of cash on delivery. The Predict optional service is available for consignees of our contracted partners who ordered this service.

  • It is possible to reschedule the delivery date, within a time portal.
  • The new date by giving the customer exactly you will receive your package when it is the best.
  • There scheduling of the parcel is returned to the depot,and at the specified time we will be delivered.

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