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Customer guide for shipping

Here is your at-a-glance guide, with everything you need to know to make sure your parcels reach your customers fast and trouble-free.


  • The two main variables you need to keep in mind are Weight (31.5 kg max.) and Girth (circumference + length = 3 m max).
  • Circumference = (height + width) x 2
  • Girth (max.3 m) = circumference + longest side (max.1.75 m)



  • Make sure your packaging is solid enough to hold parcel contents safely, and withstand automatic and mechanical handling. By the way, bundles are excluded from transport.


  • Counter-top displays, in-shop dispenser boxes and the like will not provide the sturdy protection you need for transport. Only purpose-designed transport packaging will provide the protection your goods will need in transit. It’s sometimes ok to reuse packaging supplies and padding – but always check them carefully to make sure they are not damaged in any way, and always repair or replace them if they are.

Outer packaging

  • Seal all outer packaging edges tightly with suitable adhesive tape. Do not let any contents stick out of cardboard boxes. If the item does not fit, use a larger box. Make sure your goods are securely packed in square or rectangular cardboard boxes.

Inner packaging

  • Use soft padding for light goods and harder padding for heavy goods. Cushion your goods from bangs, but don’t squash them. Nestle goods securely in place, on all sides.
  • Your goods mustn’t rattle around in the box. Choose the right inner packaging to protect your most fragile items and shield them from any contact with the outer packaging. Allow some buffer space, especially if you use purpose-designed packaging (that way, any bumps during transport will not reach the parcel’s contents directly).

Testing your shrink wrap

  • If you use shrink wrap, make sure it covers the parcel label smoothly. Please avoid using shrink wrap with anything printed on it. Ideally, test your wrapping material before you use it for the first time, to make sure DPD labels are readable. That way, your parcel will glide smoothly through the system to destination. Please contact your DPD depot if you have any questions about this.


Parcel labels

  • Stick all relevant labels (the DPD parcel label, your own address sticker, C.O.D. sticker) on the upper surface (largest area) of the parcel. Place them near each other, but not overlapping. Please make sure nothing (string, other markings, etc.) covers the DPD parcel label.


The consignee’s address

  • Clear, complete and correct consignee addresses are of course vital. Please include the consignee’s telephone number, along with the address, on domestic and international Express-Service parcels.


Shipping envelopes

  • We'll be happy to provide you with free shipping envelopes for the customs documents and shipping papers you need to send with your international shipments.

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