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Girth and volumetric weight calculator

Your easy-to-use girth and volumetric weight calculator.

When you prepare your parcels please bear this in mind:

Maximum dimensions

  • Length: max. 175 cm (longest side)
  • Girth: max. 300 cm
  • Weight: max. 31.5 kg


  • Girth (circumference + length) must not exceed 3 m.

 Volumetric weight

  • Airfreight parcel transport costs are calculated based on volumetric weight in cases where volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight (in kg). Volumetric weight indicates how much space a parcel occupies in the aircraft in relation to its weight. The formula is used for economic and ecological reasons on passenger aircraft. It follows:
    length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / 5,000 (cm3/kg).
  • Volumetric weight only applies to international DPD CLASSIC parcels and to DPD EXPRESS parcels.
  • Please note that the formula (/5000 cm3/kg) has been the only one in use since 1 June 2013. Any diverging regulations are no longer valid.

DPD Girth and Volumetric Weight Calculator

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