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Data Management Compliance Statement

You’re informed that we the undersigned, DPD Hungária Futárpostai Csomagküldő Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (seated at: 1158 Budapest, Késmárk utca 14. B, hereinafter DPD) have mapped the personal data management processes subjected to the European Parliament’s and Council’s Regulation No. (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter GDPR or the Regulation) while getting prepared to apply said Regulation. We recorded the personal data identified during the processes which records work legally, in compliance with the expected principles.


The purposes, the legal bases, the personal data included in data management (as per categories of the persons concerned), and the system of criteria for data preservation have been recorded.


All the data safety technical and organization measures have been taken. Hardcopy data have been created, and technical-organizational measures, such as the process of entitlement management, safety requirements for servers, possible pseudo-naming, have been developed for data stored on IT carriers, networks, servers.


Our Company has appointed a Data Protection Officer. Rules on detecting and managing privacy incidents, and executing data protection impact assessments and interest considerations have also been formed within our Data Protection and Data Safety Policy.


We have a Data Protection and Data Safety Policy, and also a Registry of Data Transfers and a Registry of Data Protection Incidents, and they are kept credibly.


Certain data managements have been registered in the data protection records kept by the National Office for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, their registration number is included in the relating policy.


We are also aware in connection with other tasks what kind of goals must be met so that the rights of the people concerned are fully enforced.

In addition to trying to ensure maximum protection for personal data, we also respect the right of information autonomy. We inform the people concerned about their rights, and the legal remedies they are entitled to. The data processing method used at DPD can be traced and checked by anybody.


We declare that, in addition to the GDPR, we carry out our activities based on the provisions of the 2012 Law No. CLIX on postal services that regulate DPD’s activities, and the provisions of the 2011 Law CXII on the right to information autonomy and the freedom of information.


We demand that all of our Partners comply with the laws, and during our business we engage only partners and subcontractors who comply with the requirements of the data protection provisions in force.


Budapest, 25.05.2018


Szabolcs Czifrik


DPD Hungária Kft.