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We ensure that your goods reach the consignee reliably and fast. What you have to take care of in advance is easily explained and quickly done.

1. Attaching the parcel stickers
You attach all the relevant parcel stickers (the parcel label, your own address sticker and the C.O.D. instructions if applicable) on the upper side (the largest surface) of the parcel - as close together as possible without overlapping. Please make sure that the parcel label is not covered by packaging string or markings.

2. Consignee address
Please make sure that the parcel is marked with a clearly readable and correct consignee address. In the case of domestic and international Express-Service parcels you are requested to add the consignee's telephone number to the consignee address.

3. Packaging in general
It’s important that the packaging is suitable for the weight of its contents so that it can protect your goods during transit. The packaging must be suitable for automatic sorting equipment. Bundled packages are not accepted for transport.

4. Foil
If you use shrink-wrapping please make sure that on top of the parcel label it is smooth and without any imprint. To ensure readability in the whole DPD system we request you to let us test your foil material for suitability before it is used for the first time. You can then be sure that nothing will stand in the way of fast transport. For support simply contact your DPD depot.

5. International shipping
We will be happy to provide you free of charge with shipping envelopes for your customs and shipping documents.

6. Maximum weights and dimensions
For the best possible transport of your parcel within the DPD system, a number of limits must be taken into consideration. In addition to the max. weight of 31.5 kilos, the overall dimensions are important. The combined dimensions – longest side + circumference – are limited to 3 metres.

Circumference = (height + width) x 2
Combined dimensions = circumference + longest side
Max. combined dimensions = 3 metres