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We care about our People

We expressly promote cultural diversity and tolerance within our company. In addition we provide our employees with a high level of safety in the workplace and continuously promote their career development by organizing further training and offering them skills enhancement opportunities.

DPD Latvija vision– to be a natural choice for shipment delivery in Europe. 


DPD Latvija mission – to be a reliable logistics partner to progressive companies. 


 DPD Latvija values:

  • Respect – always and everywhere;
  • Loyalty – in workforce/employees, clients, partners, company;
  • Competence, initiative, and responsibility – in all actions;
  • Teamwork – enthusiastic performance.

DPD Latvija goals:

  • To keep the market share in the B2B segment;
  • Expand the B2C and Outbound shipment market share;
  • High quality service;
  • Profit and cost control;
  • Innovations and sustainable development.

When providing its services, DPD Latvija takes into account the interaction between transport logistics and the environment. DPD also recognizes that ecology and economic activity do not have to contravene in relation to the current and future products and services.


In accordance with the aforementioned, DPD Latvija is constantly and systematically registering, analyzing quality and environmental indicator data with the goal to improve them as much as possible, decreasing the impact of its activities on the environment, and actively working on its performance in order to improve the environment. The current quality and environmental policy is an inalienable part of the DPD corporative and brand strategy.


DPD Latvija does not only focus on the profit, reaching the quality indicators, and directly identifiable impact on the environment, but also on protecting its workforce and the third parties. DPD Latvija is determined to implement specific preventive and risk avoidance measures, as well as constantly and systematically check and document the processes implemented, by controlling all actions that are needed for successful run of the process.


Within the implementation of sustainability measures, DPD Latvija is determined to identify, adjust and comply with the applicable legislative and other requirements. For this purpose, DPD Latvija is systematically checking the applicable legislative acts and requirements establishing the necessary tasks.


As a visible evidence for its efforts as of the quality management and provision of sustainability, DPD Latvija has established its Quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001, as well as it is developing and introducing an environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001. The Quality management and Environmental management systems are constantly updated and verified by certification institutions, ensuring that commitment of DPD Latvija as of the quality and environmental policy can be assessed both locally, and internationally.


Strategic goals, high-level service, as well as the quality and environmental policy are what form the foundation of DPD Latvija.


Riga, July 2012
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