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For business clients

Your internet shop needs a new, economic and easy way of delivery? Offer your clients parcel receiving in Pickup points!

Benefits for business clients:

  • delivery in 48 h after handing the parcel to us (Latvia territory);
  • convenient parcel receiving in Pickup Paku Bode points or Pickup Paku Skapis all over Latvia (receiving points here);
  • proof of delivery;
  • includes compensation up to 265 € per parcel, but not higher than 13 000 € per shipment.

Shipment size and weight restrictions for Pickup Paku Bode parcels:

  • maximal weight of parcel -  20 kg;
  • maximal girth 2m (2 widths + 2 heights + length), where the longest dimension is not longer than 1m.

Shipment size and weight restrictions for Pickup Paku Skapis parcels:

  • maximal weight of parcel -  20 kg;
  • maksimal parcel size 61 x 44 x 37 cm.

Information for parcel recipients:

1. When the parcel will arrive in Pickup point, consignee will receive SMS that will contain parcel number; PIN code; Pickup point name; Pickup point address.

2. After receiving confirmation SMS, consignee has 7 days to receive the parcel at the chosen point.

3. Depending on the selected Pickup point, the recipient has two options how to receive the parcel!

In Pickup Paku Bode point:

  • consignee must tell receivers Name, Surname and received PIN code* or show a personal identification document (passport, driving license, eID card);
  • sign for receiving the parcel.

*consignee can give PIN code to third party, when third party receives parcel, he/she also must tell receivers Name, Surname and PIN code

Using Pickup Paku Skapis:

  • consignee must enter received PIN codes**.

**consignee can give PIN codes to third party

4. After 7 days the parcel will be returned to sender.


Parcels cannot be addressed to the company.


All Pickup service terms of use you can find here >>

Service available to contractual clients, who, based on a separate agreement, want to send parcels to Pickup points in Latvia. In addition, we offer to send parcels to Pickup points in Lithuania and Estonia. For more information please contact or call 67 387 286.

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