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It quick and easy to receive goods in Pickup Paku Bode points that are ordered in internet stores or collective shopping portals.

When the parcel will arrive in Pickup Paku Bode point, you will receive SMS that will contain the following information

  • parcel number; 
  • PIN code;
  • Pickup Paku Bode point name; 
  • Pickup Paku Bode point address.

When going after the parcel, note the following: 

1. After receiving confirmation SMS, you have 7 days to receive your parcel at the chosen point;

2.  Parcel can be handed out: 

  • to consignee who can tell his Name and Surname and received PIN code;
  • to consignee that is specified on parcel label, after verifying identity (checking passport, driving license, eID card);
  • to third party, who can tell consignee’s Name and Surname and received PIN code; 

 3. You must sign for receiving the parcel;

 4. Remember, that after 7 days the parcel will be returned to sender.


Pickup Paku Bode points >>

Order line

Phone: 67 060 519

P.-Pk. 8:00-18:00


Customer Service Department

Phone: 67 387 284



Sales Department

Phone: 67 387 286