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Number of personal identification document

In ​order to avoid fraud attempts and sender could be sure that the shipment will be delivered to the person to whom it was sent, the courier must ask the consignee to present personal identification document and he must write off (enter in the scanner) the last 5 digits of the document’s number.
During such verification procedures, consignee is protected against possible shipment loss - it is proof that the courier, before issuing the shipment has checked the original of personal identification document and has verified the personal data.

  • LR Data State Inspectorate has issued the personal data processing license for DPD Latvija, giving rights to check personal identification documents and to enter partial identification code in database.
  • In accordance with article 10 of the Personal Data Protection Law, DPD Latvija ensures:
              1) fair and lawful processing of personal data;
              2) the processing of personal data only for the intended purpose and to the extent required.
  • We would like to assure you that any collected personal data is strictly confidential information, which is used solely for cases, when the sender needs to check the issuance of the shipment to the correct consignee. Access to the database by unauthorized persons, as well as use of these data for other purposes is completely excluded.

Based on this explanation, we look forward to your understanding of situations, where you as consignee must present personal identification documents, from which the minimum of information is written off. In this way your rights as a consumer are maximally protected.

Example of situation:
John sent his mother a new TV to Valmiera. When courier arrived at the indicated address, there was a lady at home awaiting. She says that the shipment is intended for her and courier can issue it to her. So courier issues the shipment to the lady and goes away. After some time, John calls and asks, where is his shipment, as mom has not received anything? It turns out, that lady, who received the shipment was not John's mom, but a cheat. How courier could have known that it was not John's mom?
So that such situations would not happen, courier must issue the shipment only after the consignee has presented personal identification document and courier has written off the last 5 digits of the document’s number. Thereby the sender can feel confident that the shipment will be delivered to the intended consignee, as well as the consignee can feel safe because he knows that it won’t be possible to issue the shipment to anyone else, also courier feels confident that everything is done properly and all parties are satisfied.

Note: in Latvia personal identification documents are a passport and ID card, but DPD Latvija also accepts driver’s license.

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