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When paying in cash, personal identity code must be presented. Why?

If, at the time of delivery, the courier must collect an amount of cash, specified by sender, then courier for this transaction issues to the receiver a special document - COD receipt. It confirms received payments in cash for transactions.

The requirements of filling COD receipts state that the COD receipt is issued for payment for senders goods (COD shipment*), which DPD then transfers to sender.

According to VID reference No.15.5.3/1221 from 19.01.2009 COD receipt is equivalent to the cash deposit corroborative document and DPD Latvia must ensure that in the receipt all required details, including, personal code, would be specified according paragraph 14 of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 584 of 21st October 2003 “Rules for accounting cash operations”:
14.3. private person – cash payer – name, surname and personal code (for residents), … or personal identification code and country (for non-residents)…”

 *COD shipment – shipment that is issued to the recipient after charging from the receiver the amount of cash, indicated by the sender, which is later returned to sender 

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