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Why do I need to present personal identification document, when receiving parcel?

Postal sector in Latvia is governed by the Postal Law and its consequent acts, that must be followed by all postal operators that are registered in Latvia.

The Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.537 (August 13, 2013)  "Regulations on requirements for issuing registered and insured postal items" (issued in accordance with the Postal Law’s second paragraph of Article 13.1.), paragraph 3 states:
"Postal operator issues postal items to consignee (or his authorized representative), after presenting personal identification document (for authorized representative – issued power of attorney)."

Given these rules, DPD Latvia has not only the right but also the duty to ask the consignee to present personal identification documents (passport, ID card) or a driver's license.

In case of additionally insured shipments, the consignee must present a passport or ID card. Driver's license in this case will not be accepted, because it is determined by Regulations of Cabinet of Ministers.

Example of a situation:
In an online store Anna has purchased an expensive equipment. At the time of delivery Anna was not at the indicated address, so courier on honesty’s principle gave this shipment to Anna's neighbor. When Anna went to neighbor to get her ordered equipment, it turned out that the neighbor was not honest and responsible person. He said that he has not received any shipment and he does not know anything. To avoid such situations, the courier must ask the consignee to present a personal identification document

Note: in Latvia personal identification documents are a passport and ID card, but DPD Latvija also accepts driver’s license.

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