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You have received Predict SMS or e-mail with exact delivery time interval, but you will not be able to receive your shipment on indicated time?

On delivery day you will receive SMS or e-mail with the exact one-hour time interval in which shipment will be delivered.

For example,” DPD kurjers Jums sodien 08:52 - 09:52 piegadas paku 05757888520168. Ja velaties mainit piegades dienu, atbildiet ar 1;2;3: 
 1 - 06.07.2016; 
 2 - 07.07.2016; 
 3 - 08.07.2016.”

If you are satisfied with delivery time and you do not want to change anything, then courier will arrive in exact time interval. However, if the delivery time is not suitable for you, you have an opportunity to choose alternative delivery day, via reply SMS or e-mail indicating one of numbers: 1, 2, or 3. Every number indicates one of possible alternative dates of delivery. Changing the delivery date likely planned delivery interval also will be different.

If reply SMS or e-mail is incorrect, then you will receive automatic reply from us: ''Nepareizi sastadita atbilde, ludzu atbildiet tikai ar 1, 2 vai 3!''.

After you receive this kind of message, please check your reply again and sent us it one more time indicating only one of numbers, that indicates the date when you want to receive your shipment: 1, 2 or 3.

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