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Delivery to private person - B2C

B2C service is delivery to a private person. Depending on your business specifics, you can choose additional services to make delivery as convenient as possible for you and your receiver.

To receive more information about the service and conditions, please contact our Sales department at or by phone +371 67 387 286.


  • Delivery time intervals
  • Courier will contact the recipient prior to delivery
  • Person identification and document check
  • Signed document (agreement, leasing documents) return
  • Informative SMS or e-mail on specific shipment status (IDM)
  • Includes compensation up to 520 € per unit Extra insurance, but not more than 13 000 € per shipment

Order line

Phone: 67 060 519

P.-Pk. 8:00-18:00


Customer Service Department

Phone: 67 387 284



Sales Department

Phone: 67 387 286