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With DPD's shipping services, your shipments will reach their destination quickly, reliably, and at a competitive rate.



All shipments are automatically weighed. The final price is calculated taking into account the weight determined DPD terminal.

Additional label processing:

  • for each manually filled label;
  • for each label that is made in program, but is printed in poor quality so that it is impossible to read the bar code;
  • for each label, that requires extra manual operations on the first time of processing because of incorrectly indicated delivery information.

Service fee - 0.60 EUR excluding VAT for each label.

The final price does not include the following services:

  • Shipment delivery approval (POD – proof of delivery)
  • Deliveries to the supermarket chains
  • Demurrage during pick-up and/or delivery
  • False order (additional fee)
  • Loading/unloading (additional fee)
  • Repeated delivery (additional fee)
  • Higher insurance (additional fee)

Additional fees for these services are calculated separately from price for delivery, they are included in the total, or manually issued invoice.

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