Your delivery experts

3 easy steps and your parcel is on the way to its receiver

1. Become Mobilly client

To become Mobilly client:

2. Send SMS

To place an order, send text:

DPD space LV or EU space X to number 1859

LV – if delivery is in Latvia
EU – if delivery is in Baltic countries or Europe
X- number of parcels
Example: DPD LV 1 (one parcel to be delivered in Latvia)

3. Arrange parcel collection

After sending SMS, DPD will contact you to arrange parcel collection.


After sending SMS, corresponding amount of money will be reserved* in your Mobilly account:

14.23 EUR – if delivery is in Latvia
42.69 EUR – if delivery is in Europe

reserved amount of money is approximate price for service. Accurate amount of money for service will be taken from your Mobilly account after shipment is processed in DPD system according to price lists.


Order line

Phone: 67 060 519

P.-Pk. 8:00-18:00


Customer Service Department

Phone: 67 387 284



Sales Department

Phone: 67 387 286