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If there is a need, using Return service parcel receiver has an opportunity to return parcel easy and fast

Receiver can login in DPD system and apply return shipment using the electronic application form in the form of self-service. Username and password is given by shipper.

When receiver is in DPD system, he can choose the most convenient way to return the shipment:

  • pickup by driver from your address;
  • drop-off at Pickup point.

Receiver after return order establishment receives approval and can print out manifest and label. It can be done also later, because all the information is sent to e-mail, that is specified by receiver in return application. After return label and manifest is printed, receiver only must stick it on parcel and give parcel to DPD courier or drop-off it at closest Pickup point.

  • Shipper doesn’t need an additional resource to form return shipments, because the receiver fills the return application itself and also print out shipment label.
  • Shipper need only inform the receiver that there is an opportunity to return the shipment using electronic application form.
  • On DPD system shipper can easy see all return shipments and related information.
  • This is an opportunity to improve customer service, by taking care of them. 

Return service is available in Latvia.

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