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Fuel surcharge

The fuel ratio is included in the price until the average cost of diesel fuel reaches 1.00 euro per liter at Circle K service stations. The base fuel price is set at 1.00 EUR / liter. As soon as the fuel price exceeds 1.00 euro per liter, additional fuel bonuses will be applied in% according to the following pattern:

Fuel surcharge for customers (contract from 14/07/2017.)

The price of fuel per liter xxx


Average fuel price per liter in June

1.2461 EUR

Percentage of fuel price increase




Fuel surcharge in July

8.61 %

The surcharge is calculated on the basis of the average diesel fuel price of CIRCLE K DUS in the previous month and the diesel price of 0.760 EUR in April 2005.

Fuel surcharge to customers (cooperation agreement until 07.13.2017)

Fuel surcharge in July


Fuel surcharge in June


Average price of diesel for CIRCLE K DUS in June

1.2461 EUR



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