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DPD Guarantee. Guaranteed shipment delivery.

If your international parcel is not quite so urgent but still has to get to your customer within a specific time-window, then DPD GUARANTEE* offers you defined delivery times at an attractive price.

Guaranteed delivery* service is provided in following European countries: 
Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, the Great Britain, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Germany. 

Service fee for private persons – standard price + 12 EUR.
Service fee for corporate customers – standard price + 10 EUR (for shipments to Poland, France, the Great Britain) or 12 EUR (for shipments to other countries in Europe).

The service includes compensation up to 520 € per unit but no more than 13 000 € per shipment. Extra insurance is also available, but not more than 30 000 € per shipment.

Service is provided only with labels that are prepared with DPD programs. Service is provided only if DPD is informed about the chosen service in advance and shipment is labeled according to DPD Guarantee packing regulations.



  • Only one delivery attempt.
  • If delivery attempt is unsuccessful, parcel will be given to post office for consignee to pick-up.


  • Only one delivery attempt.
  • If delivery attempt is unsuccessful, on the same day consignee will get a letter into mailbox containing information about parcel pick-up address.






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