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SIA "DPD Latvija" regulations for examination of claims

Claim is any DPD service that is not executed in accordance with set deadlines, service conditions of use and customers' contract terms.

SIA „DPD Latvija” (hereinafter referred to as – DPD Latvija), as a reliable partner, provides its clients with an individual customer service.

In accordance with requirements of granted standard LV EN ISO 9001:2008, DPD Latvija has developed and maintains procedures to ensure to its customers impartial and fair examination of claims, timely resolutions and operative decision-making.

Any DPD Latvija customer (corporate customer or private person) has the right to submit a discrepancy for the services received, including:

  • the customer service culture and quality;
  • shipment pick-up / delivery quality;
  • other types of discrepancies.

When considering the customers claim, DPD Latvija takes into account the terms and conditions for use of DPD services, concluded contracts with customers and and Latvian Republic legal acts,  as well as binding international legal documents. When examining claims, DPD Latvija has the right to request from the client information and documents on the facts and circumstances indicated in the discrepancy. If necessary, in order for DPD Latvija to consider claims of damage, you have to provide your shipments' content and original packaging to DPD Latvija for examination.

If you want to submit a claim, including for lost, damaged or delayed shipment, You must ensure enforcement of terms and conditions of using DPD Latvija services, otherwise DPD Latvija reserves the right to reject your claim.

Taking decision to pay out compensation for damaged or lost shipments, as well as to apply a discount of delivery costs, DPD Latvija will carry out these activities only in case if customer will have paid for services provided in the past, and the customer will not have debt for services rendered.

Customer can submit claims:

  • by sending claim to e-mail address: [email protected];
  • by completing electronic form in our website;
  • by calling to DPD Customer Service department +371 67 387 284;
  • by sending fax to DPD Customer Service department +371 67 387 288;
  • by sending it written to DPD Latvija office address:

SIA „DPD Latvija”
Customer Service department
Uriekstes 8a, Riga, LV-1005, Latvia

Form for suggestions can be found here >>
Form for claims can be found here >> 

DPD Latvija ensures that all received customer claims are registered in DPD Latvija database.

Claim is being reviewed not longer than five (5) working days from its date of registration, if it relates to:

  • service culture;
  • shipment pick-up or delivery;
  • issue of bills.

Claim is being reviewed not longer than ten (10) working days from its date of registration, if it relates to:

  • damaged shipments;
  • loss of the whole consignment or part of it;
  • documents.

Claim is being reviewed not longer than twenty (20) working days from its date of registration, if it relates to international shipments. 

If in the time of examination of customers' claims are detected circumstances that make it impossible to respect the time limits, then a decision of extending the time limit must be taken. In this case the responsible employee of DPD Latvija agrees with customer for further actions and response time.

In case if submitted claim formally after the general characteristics do not meet the requirements specified in these regulations, the essence of described claim is not understandable, there are no documents added that could substantiate the claim or if the claim is not clear, then the responsible employee of DPD Latvija will inform the customer about it.

The final answer to customers' claim is given at the desired form (in writing, by telephone or by e - mail).

If the answer to claim is prepared in writing, it will be sent as a registered letter to the customer's specified address.

The answer to claim is prepared in Latvian. At the customer's request, a response can also be prepared in English or Russian.

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