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We have had DPD Pickup points on a ‚shop-in-shop’ system for a long time. As part of our DPD Pickup concept we are looking for partners who, just like us, value great service quality and service orientation and who are interested in a long-term business relationship with DPD.

Send your application to email and we will contact you.

Izvēlies sūtīt ar DPD Pickup

Линия принятия заказов

Тел.: 67 060 519

Пн.-Пт. 8:00-18:00


Отдел обслуживания клиентов

Тел.: 67 387 284



Отдел продаж

Тел.: 67 387 286



Paku Skapis информационный телефон

Тел: 67 387 282