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Hazardous goods

The two most important things you need to keep in mind when you are shipping hazardous goods are proper marking and proper packaging. The regulations on marking and packing are extremely strict. They apply to a wide range of domestic shipments and to the shipping of hazardous goods in limited quantities (LQ) within Europe.

We have summed up LQ shipping regulations for you here.

Marking cross-border hazardous goods

All packages containing hazardous goods need to meet criteria for transport in limited quantities (LQ), and must be identified with the new marking (since 1 January 2011).

The existing markings (LQ or UN No. in the lozenge) are still authorised until 30 June 2015.

Supplementary label for standard parcel labels

If you use standard labels, parcels containing hazardous goods must also be identified with the additional “LQ with supplementary code 005” label. This will also apply to parcel label printing programmes until they are upgraded to comply with the new regulations. LQ shippers who use their own programmes for generating parcel labels must provide the legally required information in the MPSEXPDATA format.

Indication of gross mass

We need you to fax or e-mail a transfer list to your DPD depot with details of your LQ shipments and weights. The driver will also need a copy of this list.

Your DPD depot will be happy to provide more details about packaging and information about other issues relating to hazardous goods and limited quantities. You will also find additional information here. 

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