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Exclusions from transport. What you need to keep in mind.

DPD's Terms and Conditions exclude the following goods from transport:

all parcels which do not comply with the product specifications in Section 3 and Section 4 of 
DPD's General Terms of Business for DPD CLASSIC

goods of especial value, in particular precious metals, real jewellery, precious stones, real pearls,
antiques, art objects

money, certificates, documents, securities, credit, cheque and telephone cards, or similar forms of payment

vouchers and entrance tickets with a value exceeding 520.-- euros per parcel

furs, carpets, clocks and other decorative objects as well as leather goods with a value exceeding
 520.-- euros per item

Please note that further transport and/or import restrictions may apply in certain destination countries. Fill out the form in the shipping planner to find out

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