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Fast shipping with our Express-Service – and the right DPD service label

Markings: domestic Express-Service.

Our domestic Express-Service gets your parcels to in-country destinations even faster. All you have to do is stick the DPD service label on your parcel (by the parcel label) and tick your preferred delivery time in the DPD Express-Service box (DPD 8:30, DPD 10:00, DPD 12:00, DPD 18:00, DPD GUARANTEE or Saturday delivery).

Markings: international Express-Service.

For express shipping abroad, simply add the DPD Express label by the parcel label and add the customs value and currency (Euros, US dollars or the currency in the country of destination).

Transfer receipt.

If you need a transfer receipt, simply get the driver to sign for the parcels on the copy of the DPD label. 

Easy pickups and dropp offs. Simple.