Shipping to the United Kingdom


Shipping to the United Kingdom

The EU and UK have made a preliminary deal.  It has been agreed that for many products no import duties have to be paid on both sides. There will be exceptions, check the website of the Dutch government.

Imports into the UK still require VAT and imports into the EU still require BTW. Certain products are also prohibited for export. Check the export manual for more information.

The United Kingdom left the EU. This means that the United Kingdom is a non EU Member State and customs requirements apply to sending and receiving parcels. Make sure you are well prepared.

Be prepared for it!

It’s important that you undertake the required preparations yourself to be Brexit-ready.

Six matters are important in this:

  1. Do you already hold an EORI number for export to the United Kingdom?

  2. Is it agreed to export your products and do your products carry HS codes?

  3. Have you chosen the transport condition with which you want to ship your parcels? DPD offers the INCO term DAP and adds two Billing terms: DAP DP (Duties & taxes Paid – sender pays) of DAP NP (Duties & taxes Not Paid – receiver pays)

  4. Are you sending products with a value of less than £135 to recipients in the UK with DAP DP? You (the sender) are required to pay directly to the HMRC in the UK. Registration is necessary.

  5. Each shipment consists of a maximum of 1 parcel. Bulk shipment is only possible after approval of DPD.

  6. Submit 100% complete data. Customs wants to know what is in the shipment and that must match precisely the documentation, otherwise the parcel will be returned.

Registering with HMRC (Customs in the United Kingdom)

At the start of 2019, the United Kingdom introduced VAT legislation (VAT notice 1003) that requires the sender to pay the VAT directly to HMRC on parcels ≤£135 to recipients in the UK.

So if you are shipping products with a value of less than £135, register via the HMRC website in the United Kingdom. Once you have registered you will be given a number which you can enter in all of DPD label tools after Brexit.

Be prepared and register your business.

Shipping to UK

As easy as always

Shipping to the United Kingdom with DPD’s Online Shipping Service is just as easy after Brexit as you were used to. The Online Shipping Service is currently being adjusted, we expect it to be available again at the end of January.

Four things to keep in mind:

  1. You as the sender pay additional handling costs and the receiver pays the taxes and duties.

  2. You must enter information about the content of the parcel.

  3. It takes a little longer for the parcel to reach its final destination, if there are border controls.

  4. Parcels can only be delivered add a home address, no longer in a Pickup parcelshop.