How can we help you?

In Track & Trace it says that my parcel has been delivered, but I haven't received anything. 

That is of course very annoying! But don't worry, usually your parcel is still on its way to you. There are a few things you can do.

  1. Ask your neighbours if they have received your parcel. Your parcel can always be delivered to your neighbours, even if you didn't find a not home message in your mailbox.  

  2. Have your neighbours not received your parcel either? Please wait three business days before contacting us. In many cases the parcel will still be delivered to you. 

Good to know: our customer service cannot start an investigation on your parcel if three working days have not yet passed. 

My parcel has not arrived. What should I do?

How inconvenient! We understand that you are waiting for your parcel! We will do our best to deliver your parcel to you as soon as possible.

Status: The shipment has been delayed for a longer period of time: 

If you have not seen any new updates in your Track and Trace for several days, we would like to investigate. In that case, it's best to contact the sender of the parcel. Even if the parcel has already been transferred to DPD, contacting the sender is the right next step. The sender will request for an investigation of your package. The sender also has additional parcel information, which is important for the investigation. 


How do I know when a parcel has been delivered?

DPD works with Track and Trace.

You can always track your parcel with the 14 digit parcel number at In the timeline of the parcel you can see if it has been delivered. 

When will my parcel be delivered?

You can always track your parcel online with the package number you received from the sender.

You can check the status of your parcel here. On the day of delivery, DPD will send you a 1-hour time frame within your parcel will be delivered.

How can I change my delivery?

Are you not at home and would you like to change your delivery? At DPD you can choose change of address, change date, deliver to a parcel shop or drop off permission.

Go to myDPD to make these changes yourself. As a recipient, myDPD gives you full control over the delivery of your parcels by DPD. MyDPD is a portal where you can track all DPD parcels all the way to your front door via the Live Tracking feature. You can even use myDPD to change your delivery up to 30 min before arrival! Register on myDPD to take advantage of all the features.

Contact form for recipient

Contact form for senders

Prefer to speak to someone?

CS 544_388 CS 544_388

Prefer to speak to someone?

Do you receive a parcel in the Netherlands?

Then call 085-0022222 (local rate). We are available from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Are you receiving a parcel abroad?

Unfortunately we cannot give you any information about the parcel. Please contact one of our colleagues in the country where your parcel will be delivered. You can find all local DPD offices via the website of Geopost.