EUR.1 certificate for discount or exemption from import duties

Do the products you want to ship originate in the EU? Or in the destination country? Then the importer may request a discount or exemption from import duties. If the importer wants to take advantage of this, you need to show the preferential origin (country from which the good or product originated in its entirety, or where it underwent its last essential processing) of the documents. This is done with an EUR.1 certificate.

You must draw up this certificate as the exporter. You can complete a standard form for this and then submit it to customs. You can obtain this form from the Chamber of Commerce. An EUR.1 certificate is mandatory for packages with a value of €6,000 or higher. If the value is below €6,000 then the declaration of origin is sufficient.

The EUR.1 certificate is used for shipping goods within the European Economic Area (EEA). And additionally for the following countries: United Kingdom (after Brexit), Egypt, Algeria, Israel, Jordan, the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia), Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, South Africa, Chile, Mexico, Albania, Andorra, the ACS member countries (states in Africa, the Caribbean area and the Pacific) and the overseas countries and territories.