HS coding to classify your product

Customs uses a goods code or European HS code (Harmonised System) to classify products. This code comprises for export 8 digits. By using this code customs authorities know:

  • Which products are in the shipment.

  • How much import duty and other import taxes must be levied on them. Note: If the code is not completed correctly, customs authorities may classify your products in a different product category. This could mean you pay a different rate, and there is also the chance that you may be fined for an incorrect classification. In extreme cases customs may not issue a Customs Release.

  • To determine the goods code of your product, remember that many products are not found literally using their generally-used names.

  • For instance a ‘laptop’ or a ‘tablet’ must be classified as a ‘portable automatic data-processing machine weighing no more than 10 kg’.


You can find HS codes to classify your products yourself  via a tool at the tax authorities of the Netherlands. Some HS codes are excluded from shipping to the UK. Check here which ones they are.