The penny drops for entrepreneurs!

We won´t take any part of that!

The penny drops for entrepreneurs!

We won´t take any part of that!

There are some parcel services who charge allowance on top of the standard price. This will cost you at least € 0.25 cent extra for each parcel. This for a period of almost six weeks. You can do the maths when it comes to saving money. In peak periods, a lot of webshops have double the amount of orders than usual. You'd say that these extra parcels also come with extra revenues for the parcel services? So why would you pay an allowance? Delivering parcels is the fundamental idea of a parcel service? So we won't charge allowances during peak season in any form. Especially in these times, enterpreneurs deserve honest prices. Did the penny drop?

Receive a tailor made quotation

Do you send over 50 parcels per month? Then we'd love to make a tailor made quotation for you. Do you send less? No problem, you can still save money with our online shipping service.

Four reasons for using the Online Shipping Service

Quick and easy

You create a parcel label in just four steps and your package is good to go.

Send parcels throughout Europe

With DPD you can ship not just within the Netherlands, but also to 25 other European countries.

Live Tracking

With Live Tracking the recipient can see exactly how many stops the driver still has to make.

Delivery window within 1 hour

On the day of delivery we notify a 1-hour arrival window to the recipient.

The extra benefits of DPD

Shipping with DPD is the best. For you as shipper, as well as for your customers.

More reasons to ship with DPD

  1. Always near. World wide 47.000 Pickup parcel shops and >1150 in the Netherlands.
  2. Best quality. 99% of all parcels will be delivered within the agreed time frame.
  3. Predict for your customers. With Predict your customers can follow their parcels always and everywhere.