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Last update 19/05/2017



  • Nijmeegse Vierdaagse

The Nijmeegse Vierdaagse will take place from 18 till 21 July. This means that every day packages in and around Nijmegen will be delayed. Below the overview.

Day 1 | Elst | 18 July
Nijmegen center, Oosterhout (GL), Valburg, Elst, Elden, Huissen, Bemmel, Lent

Day 2 | Wijchen | 19 July
Nijmegen center, Wijchen, Beuningen

Day 3 | Groesbeek | 20 July
Nijmegen center, Mook/Molenbeek, Milsbeek, Gennep/Ottersum, Groesbeek, Berg en Dal

Day 4 | Cuijk | 21 July
Nijmegen center, Overasselt, Nederasselt, Beers, Cuijk, Grave, Heumen, Malden

  • Syria

Due to political developments in Syria parcels can not be extradited in Syria.




Wednesday 24 May

Regular collection

Regular delivery

Thursday 25 May Ascension Day

No collection

No delivery

Friday 26 May 

Regular collection

Regular delivery

Saturday 26 May 

Regular collection

Regular delivery


Monday 5 June Whit Monday

No collection

No delivery

  • European Public holidays 2017 (115,51 kB)