Your delivery experts

DPD corporate philosophy

We are professional, friendly, and always put the client first. Our product range fulfils our clients’ wishes by offering exactly what they require. We know our business. We combine international thinking with a thorough knowledge of local markets. This is our strength, and allows us the opportunity to provide the best quality and service worldwide. This means that we can provide a crucial contribution to the professional success and competitive capacity of our clients.

The following values guide us in our daily operations:

  • Complete customer focus: our philosophy and business focus on our clients and their needs.
  • Locally dynamic: we combine regional expertise in an international network and remain close to our clients.
  • Sustainable development: we respect our obligations to the environment, our employees, and society as a whole.
  • Efficiency: we work with a solid transport system and offer outstanding value for money.
  • Professional skill: we have formed a seamless European network for international shipments, even in highly complex and challenging logistic operations.
  • Reliability and respect for values form our basic approach to our clients and partners. The skill and innovation of our employees guarantee that our system is continually optimised, and that the development of our products and services corresponds to market requirements.