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People with a distance to the labor market are welcome to apply.


Interested in becoming a driver for one of our subcontractors?

Drivers for DPD are not under contract with DPD. Instead, DPD cooperates with transport companies who transport parcels on behalf of DPD. Therefore, it is not possible to apply for a job as a driver with DPD directly. If you are interested in becoming a driver for one of our subcontractors, you can leave your details using this link. We will carefully keep your details on file. 

If one of our transport companies, with whom we cooperate, is looking for a driver in your area, we will forward your details to a DPD Transport Manager, who in turn will pass on your details to the transport company. The application procedure will then no longer be processed by DPD. 

Are you a transport company interested in the possibilities of transporting parcels? Click here for more information.


Interested in a executive logistics position in one of our warehouses?

Loading, unloading, sorting and scanning packages in the warehouse.

You can express your interest at the location nearest Tempo-Team or Randstad.

Please note that applications for these functions are only accepted by Tempo-Team or Randstad and not via the DPD website.


Unsolicited applications

If you wish to be considered for a position for which we currently have no vacancies, please leave your details here. We will keep your information on file for half a year. 

Please note that applications for a driver position within DPD will not be processed through the Open application form. Please use this form.