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Application procedure

Have you found and applied for an interesting vacancy? If so, you will get an email from us confirming receipt of your application. The application procedure varies per vacancy, but is normally as follows:

First interview

We start by looking to see if your CV and motivation letter sufficiently match the vacancy. After that we try to let you know within ten days if we want to invite you for a first interview. We will explore your knowledge, experience and interests further during this interview. We also check that your wishes are consistent with ours.

Following interview

Is there a positive outcome from the first interview? If so, there will be a following interview. An assessment or screening may also form part of the procedure.


If the interviews have gone well, we will make you an offer. Do you agree? Then straight to work with DPD!

Declaration of good conduct and references

If you come to work for DPD, we will check the references from your previous employers. In addition, you must supply a ‘declaration of good conduct’. This also applies to interns working for longer than three months.