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Transport operators at DPD

Because DPD does not employ drivers, we outsource carriage to transport operators, who have their own drivers. That is why it is not possible to apply to DPD as a driver.

DPD strives for the highest quality, which we also expect from our transport operators. For this reason, we only work with transport operators who have the NIWO Eurolicence (National and International Road Transport Organisation). This allows the transport operator to fulfill the three quality requirements stated by NIWO .

As a transport operator, you are creditworthy if you have sufficient financial resources for a proper start and procedure of the operation.

Technical capacity
As a transport operator, you can display an official diploma as an operator for domestic and cross-border carriage.

As a transport operator, you are in possession of   a haulier’s international insurance certificate (green card). These certificates are issued by the Ministry of Justice.

In addition to the Eurolicence, a transport operator must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. 


Are you interested to work for DPD as a subcontractor? Please send us an e-mail.