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Consumers enjoy being able to specify the destination for their online delivery, or where they can make returns. That’s why DPD does not only deliver orders to your customers’ home, but also to a Pickup parcelshop.  

We have a wide-ranging Pickup network with 28,000 points in 16 countries, of which 1500 in the Benelux, so we are always nearby. This network is set to grow in the next few years. 

By delivering and collecting parcels at our Pickup parcelshops you can offer your clients the service and flexibility to collect their parcels when it suits them. If the order has arrived at the Pickup parcelshop, we will send your customer a message. 


Did you know that clients are quicker to place an order if they can easily return it? DPD’s Shop Return makes it easy for your client to return your product via a nearby Pickup parcelshop.

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