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Each day, we transport 3.5 million international parcels to 360,000 customers. In Europe, we are the market leader of parcel transportation via road. We won this position by working with a close international network of strong national experts.

We link a choice of cost-effective parcel services to smart solutions, such as Pickup and Predict. Services that enable your customer to influence how and where they wish to receive the parcel.

Are you thinking about exporting abroad? Take a look at our European services below, or contact us.

We offer the following cross-border services to deliver your parcels within Europe and even worldwide. Are you interested? Please contact us for more information.


Online tool for e-commerce abroad

If you would like to do business in France or Spain, fill in the cross-border tool! A tool that has been developed by the Cross Border E-commerce Expert Group of Shopping Tomorrow. The 23 experts from reputable e-commerce companies are sharing their knowledge to help you to make the step into France or Spain. Whether you're just beginning in e-commerce abroad or a professional, this tool will give you personalised advice and a practical guide for a road map to the French or Spanish market.



How does it work?

Select your preferred country and answer six general questions. Your answers will enable us to determine your point of departure: online starter, starter abroad or professional. You will then be given relevant questions for your point of departure, the input from which we will use to draw up an advisory report. This personalised advice will support the most optimal roll-out for a successful path to France or Spain.



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  • If you would like to read current articles related to cross-border business, sign up for the Crossborder Delivery Group on LinkedIn.

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