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Cookie statement

Does DPD use cookies Info wherefor persmission is needed? 
No.  Info

Cookie overview

DPD uses cookies where necessary to facilitate communications processes. Another cookie is de-linked from the IP address so that IP addresses cannot be traced. 


DPD uses various cookies where necessary to facilitate communications processes. No personal details are held in the cookies. The relevant cookies are set out below:




Google Analytics

This program registers the frequency of visits made to each page of the DPD site, and the length of time spent there. The data held in this file CANNOT be traced back to individuals. No link is made to IP addresses either, so Google does not receive these IP addresses. That means your IP address cannot be traced.

Loadbalancer Cookie

Holds data on which server (A or B) is being used by the visitor.

Important notice Cookie

Holds data on whether the visitor has seen important notices and subsequently closed the notice. This information is stored so that visitors are not repeatedly shown the same notice.

Portal Cookie

Holds data on the country you clicked on when visiting so you can be directed to your country of preference next time.  


Holds information relating to the session ID and language ID. This cookie is used only to facilitate logging in at MyDPD.

Online Shipping Service 

The website uses functional cookies that are necessary for the use of functional parts of the website. With these functional cookies, the language and session information are tracked as well as the acceptance of the cookie bar.


Do you object to the use of cookies in general?
If you object to the use of cookies in general, you can opt out through the browser settings on your computer. This will not affect your use of the website. You will still be able to use all its features.

Do you want to withdraw consent? 
Only you can remove cookies. This is because cookies are stored on your own computer. Via your browser settings you can remove existing cookies and block new ones. How you remove them will vary depending on the browser, so you may need to look at your browser’s help features.

What does DPD do with this information?
Anonymous data is useful to DPD because we want to be able to measure the effectiveness of our web pages. For instance, if a particular page is not being visited but we think it holds important information for you, that could tell us we need to move that information to another part of the site where you are more likely to find it. This improves the effectiveness of our website and means you, and DPD, can get the most out of it. Clearly, for those purposes we do not need your personal details as we need to look at our visitors as a group, not at individuals.    



DPD reserves the right to make changes to this Cookie Statement. Any changes will be published on this page. We advise you to visit this Cookie Statement regularly so as to remain up to date on the contents of the Cookie Statement.

This Cookie Statement was last amended on 7 augustus 2014.

This statement applies to all websites that form part of the DPD (Nederland) B.V. network, unless otherwise specified.