Apprenticeship, internship, dual studies: start your career with DPD.

Schüler und Studenten bei DPD Schüler und Studenten bei DPD

Apprenticeship, internship, dual studies: start your career with DPD.

Are you interested in a job for pupils or an internship? Perhaps you have already successfully completed your education and are ready for the next challenge? An apprenticeship or a dual course of study? Become part of the future with DPD!

The future is fun.

 With the right company.

Karriere - Schüler und Studenten - DPD Karriere - Schüler und Studenten - DPD

Become part of the future. With DPD.

Start a commercial or industrial apprenticeship that matches your personality and goals. You will get to know the various sections of our company, will be mentored by experienced colleagues and regularly take part in further training activities. Impress us especially with your personality and ambition to help shape the future of parcel shipping.

We look forward to receiving your application for one of the following apprenticeships:

The best of both worlds.

With a dual course of study, you not only have a theoretical future, but also a practical one. You already gain valuable experience in projects during your studies - e.g. a dual degree in business administration at one of our partner universities. You can put your newly acquired university knowledge into practice in an innovative company, which will qualify you for bigger tasks. In our Jobfinder you can find out where we currently have dual study places to offer.

Those who do things can afford things.

Would you like to use your holidays to earn some money? We offer jobs nationwide to students of 16 years and older, in which you can scan parcels or be an important help in the office. Interested? Then we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application.

Discover our exciting internships!

Would you like to gain your first professional experience in an exciting company during or after school? Then an internship at DPD will be perfect for you. During one of our nationwide internships you can get a taste of many areas of our company. Of course the learning content specified by the school is taken into account during a compulsory internship. Click here to submit an unsolicited application. You can find out how to do everything right with our tips on applying.

Discover our exciting epprenticeships

IT specialist (m/f/d)

As a real IT professional you will install and configure computers according to the wishes of our staff, support them on technical questions and provide first-level support in case of problems. In programme development you will apply your knowledge of programming logic and programming methods in a targeted manner. Your tasks also include daily routine work in the server landscape. The training period for this profession is 3 years.

Specialist in courier, express and postal services (m/f/d)

At DPD you will be actively involved in all areas of our transshipment centres and transport operations right from the start. You will also get an insight into various commercial areas and provide support you in project work. Your training is versatile: you will learn how to use IT-supported management systems, how to create delivery tour and loading plans, write and check shipping documents, provide support in claims processing, record shipment data and much more. The training period for this profession is 2 years.

Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/d)

As a specialist in warehouse logistics, you organise the loading and unloading of our parcels, sort shipments and ensure the appropriate further transport. To ensure that the reaches the consignee correctly you fill out all accompanying documents, assemble delivery units and load our trucks. You always have the DPD quality guidelines and relevant regulations such as hazardous goods and customs regulations in mind. To improve our parcel transport operations you will also be involved in their optimisation. The training period for this profession is 3 years.

Warehousing specialist (m/f/d)

As a warehousing specialist, you are a real organisational talent! With various transport equipment such as forklifts and parcel conveyors you bring packages to their place in the warehouse and take care of smooth deliveries. From filling in the accompanying documents to making up the delivery units and the correct loading of the trucks. Marking, labelling and securing shipments is also part of your tasks, of course while applying DPD's quality guidelines and the relevant specifications such as hazardous goods and customs regulations. The training period for this profession is 2 years.

Industrial clerk (m/f/d)

In this apprenticeship you will get to know all company processes from a business point of view, from the initial offer to customer service after a completed order. You advise and support customers and support the process of order implementation. You will also gain a comprehensive insight into business topics in all areas: financing, human resources management, accounting, communication and many more. The training period for this profession is 3 years.

Industrial mechanic (m/f/d)

As an industrial mechanic you are involved in the production, maintenance and monitoring of technical systems and machines. You organise and control production and manufacturing processes. In addition to maintenance and servicing, quality management is also an important area of responsibility for you. The training period for this profession is 3.5 years.

Commercial specialist in dialogue marketing (m/f/d)

As a dialogue marketing specialist you advise customers, process enquiries and orders, and also deal with complaints in the DPD service centres and other dialogue-oriented teams. From the acquisition of new customers to customer retention, there are always new and varied challenges waiting for you in this area of responsibility! The training period for this profession is 3 years.

Commercial specialist in forwarding and logistics services (m/f/d)

During your training you will get to know all areas of DPD and receive a real all-round view: from the control and monitoring of shipments, order processing and sales through to work in scheduling, customer service and our invoicing department. For example, so that orders can be implemented you will be responsible for selecting the appropriate transport routes, but also for processing delivery orders and executing and evaluating statistics. The training period for this profession is 3 years.

Commercial specialist in office management (m/f/d)

During your training as an office management specialist you will get to know all commercial areas: e.g. marketing, purchasing, personnel, finance, secretarial services, system maintenance, administration and many more. This gives you a great all-round view. For example, you can place orders, answer customer inquiries, process invoices, plan appointments and learn important details for practical applications. You will gain experience in very different commercial areas. And after your training you will have the opportunity to specialise further. The training period for this profession is 3 years.

Commercial specialist in courier, express and postal services (m/f/d)

In this training you will become an absolute all-rounder in the industry: you will inform our customers about DPD's services, prepare offers and accept orders. In addition to route planning and personnel deployment, customer service is also very important to you! Your tasks also include organising, monitoring and controlling the shipping of parcels. In doing so, you always have legal regulations, cost-effectiveness and market-driven service offerings in mind. The training period for this profession is 3 years.

Commercial specialist in marketing communication (m/f/d)

During your training you can demonstrate your creativity and organisational talent. Your tasks include observing and analysing websites and target groups, developing communication concepts and planning suitable measures. As a marketing communication specialist you will work in many areas: classical advertising, dialogue marketing, promotion, events, multimedia, trade fairs and design. There is special focus is on digital design and copywriting. The training period for this profession is 3 years.

Mechatronics technician (m/f/d)

As the name suggests, as a mechatronics technician you are an exciting mix of mechanic and electronics technician. You work in the sorting/handling centres of our branches and are responsible for the smooth operation of our parcel transport facilities. This includes the assembly, commissioning and operation of systems and machines consisting of mechanical and electronic parts. But maintenance and repair work also falls within your area of activity. The training period for this profession is 3.5 years.

A taste of work during your internship

Join DPD during your studies

Karriere - Schüler und Studenten - Praktikum - DPD Karriere - Schüler und Studenten - Praktikum - DPD

How do you find out what you enjoy most?

Simply apply for an internship at DPD. This is the best way to find out what your vocation is. Click here to submit an unsolicited application or go straight to our Jobfinder.

Theory or practice? Why not both?

You can't wait to show your skills in professional life? As a student trainee at DPD you can gain valuable practical experience during your studies. You will receive a good insight into our logistic processes and earn money at the same time. You can choose between "Logistics" and "Administration". You will find current vacancies in our Jobfinder. Or send us an unsolicited application.

The culmination of your studies.

A good bachelor's, master's or diploma thesis is best written at a company where new approaches and ideas are welcome. Impress us with your unsolicited application or check our Jobfinder for a suitable vacancy.