Prohibited Goods in the DPD Romania network

Excluded from collection, sorting, transport and delivery:


1. Postal items which cannot be processed with the usual staff and means available to the supplier (exceeding the above dimensions and weight limits); whose delivery is prohibited by legal provisions; etc .;

2. Postal items having as their object goods of special value, in particular precious metals, genuine jewelery, precious stones, genuine pearls, antiques, works of art, paintings belonging to the national heritage;

3. Postal items relating to counterfeit goods, ADR products, negotiating instruments, money, valuables, original documents, securities, CEC files, promissory notes, bills of exchange, telephone cards or similar certificates of value, identity documents , bank cards;

4. Postal items having as object vouchers and access tickets with a declared value higher than 520 euro / postal item (or equivalent in RON);

5. Postal items having as object furs, carpets, watches, other jewelery and leather goods with a declared value higher than 520 euro / postal item (or equivalent in RON);

6. Postal items having as object perishable goods (products), food (products), medicines;

7. Postal items having as object any other goods with a declared value higher than 13,000 euro / postal item (or equivalent in RON);

8. Postal items whose content and / or external appearance contravene the law;

9. Postal items having as object firearms as defined by the law on firearms in Romania, a country of transit or country of collection or destination, parts / components that make up / are part of the category firearms or weapons disassembled, ammunition for firearms - regardless of type, shape or caliber;

10. Postal items consisting of goods the transport of which is prohibited by legal provisions, or even only on a portion of the route;

11 .. Postal items whose packaging bears inscriptions contrary to public policy or morality, as well as postal items consisting of goods contrary to public policy or morals, if deposited unpackaged or in transparent packaging;

12. Postal items with old labels or inscriptions not removed;

13. Postal items which, by the way they are packaged or by the nature of the contents, may cause damage to goods or endanger persons, as well as postal items having as object cigarettes (above the limit imposed by law), live or dead animals, materials for medical or biological examinations, medical waste, narcotics, human or animal remains, body parts or organs;

14. In the case of international postal items, the content of items whose export or import is prohibited or requires special approvals in accordance with the regulations of the respective country, collection / delivery, postal or destination;

15. Postal items consisting of goods for which special conditions of carriage are established, by legal administrative, economic, sanitary, veterinary, phytosanitary and other similar provisions, under the conditions provided by these provisions, as DPD is not a legal person authorized for the purpose of provision such services;

B. DPD is empowered to refuse delivery if, after accepting the postal item, DPD discovers a reason for exclusion or if there are good reasons to exclude the postal item from collection, the burden of proof falls in these circumstances DPD.

C. The acceptance for the delivery of the closed postal items, including excluded goods, about the existence of which DPD is not aware, does not represent a waiver of the exclusion from delivery;

D. In addition to any legally constituted liability, the customer will be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the goods that are the subject of postal items, which are excluded from acceptance (collection).