The mechanism for resolving complaints by Dynamic Parcel Distribution SA


CHAPTER I. Submission, registration and settlement of complaints

  1. Any complaint concerning the improper provision or non-provision of the postal service shall

will do so in writing, by completing a complaint, using the form provided in this regard

provided by the DPD and may be sent by the following means of communication:

  • by mail, recommended with acknowledge of receipt, at the DPD headquarters;
  • by deposit at any of the fixed access / contact points served by the DPD staff;
  • scanned, by e-mail, using the following address: [email protected]
  • by accessing the complaint form directly from the site:
  1. Each complaint will be registered by receiving a registration number. Both the sender and the addressee, respectively their legal proxies, have the right to file a complaint. Any complaint will be registered in the "Electronic Register of Complaints";
  2. The time limit for lodging the prior complaint addressed to the postal service provider - in this case DPD - is six months and is calculated from the date of submission of the postal item;
  3. The complaint is made individually, for each postal item separately. The standard complaint form can be found at any access / fixed contact point served by DPD staff or can be downloaded online by accessing the following link:;
  4. The deadline for resolving the complaint (involving the analysis of the complaint, the communication of the answer and the award of compensation) is 60 days from the date of its submission.


CHAPTER II. Compensation procedure.


  1. The term of payment of the compensations is of 15 days from the date of solving the claim, without exceeding the term of 60 days mentioned above, the payment being made either in cash, at the Central Cashier's Office from the registered office in Mogosoaia, or by bank transfer, depending on the preference of the entitled user.
  2. If the claimant is entitled to receive a sum of money as compensation, payment of these amounts shall be made within the time limit set out above, as follows:
  3. a) legal entities:

a.1. The legal entity issues an invoice to the DPD;

a.2. It is specified on the invoice “Compensation, according to the Transport Note / AWB no. _____ from the date of _____, for non-provision of the service or damage caused during the provision of the postal service ”;

a.3. VAT does not apply to the amounts included on the invoice;

  1. b) natural persons:

If the client's complaint is substantiated and is resolved favorably, he will be informed accordingly. In the case of individuals, the compensation can also be paid in cash at the Central Cashier's Office at the registered office in Mogosoaia, unless the payment form requested by bank transfer, specifying the bank details required for payment.


CHAPTER III. Limits of liability. Exemption from liability.


  1. In case of theft, total or partial loss, total or partial destruction or damage to the postal item, DPD is liable for the damage caused, if these circumstances occurred between the time of submission of the item and the time of delivery to the recipient;

1.1. DPD is responsible for domestic and international postal items, as follows:

  1. a) in case of total loss, theft or destruction:
  2. in full declared value, for a postal item which is the subject of a forwarded delivery service, including whether or not that postal item is the subject of a cash on delivery service;
  3. with the amount of the refund, for a postal item that is the subject of a cash on delivery service without declared value;
  4. with the amount representing 5 times the service tariff, for postal items that are not the subject of a return service with a declared value or a cash on delivery service;
  5. b) in case of loss or partial destruction or damage:
  6. with the declared value for the missing, destroyed or damaged part or with the share corresponding to the missing weight of the declared value, for postal items which are the subject of a forwarding service with declared value;
  7. with the amount representing 5 times the service fee, in case of partial loss, partial destruction or damage of postal items that are not the subject of a return service with declared value;
  8. c) in the case of a consignment which is the subject of a cash on delivery service, the postal service provider shall be liable with the full value of the refund for the situation in which it has not returned to the sender its full value or with the corresponding difference up to the value

in full, if the refund has been partially received from the recipient;

  1. To the amounts provided above shall be added the penal legal interest accruing from the moment the prior complaint is lodged or, as the case may be, the filing of the summons, regardless of which of these moments occurs first;
  2. The complete loss of content is equivalent to the loss of the postal item;

If the sender has declared a value lower than the real value, the compensation is at the level of the declared value;

  1. In addition to the compensations provided, the fees collected are also refunded, within the value limit of the non-fulfillment of the obligation assumed by DPD. The full refund of the fees collected takes place only in case of loss, theft or total destruction;
  2. In the event of non-performance of services which constitute additional characteristics of the postal services, nominated by the sender by special indications, only the additional charges collected shall be reimbursed.

compared to the rate applicable to the standard postal service;

  1. In the event of loss of proof of delivery of the registered postal item, confirmed in writing by the consignee, the postal service provider shall be required to draw up and make available

the sender of a duplicate of the proof of surrender;

  1. The consignor may waive his right to compensation in favor of the consignee.

This mechanism is an extract from the General Terms and Conditions regarding the provision of DPD postal services and all the other definitions / mentions that can be found in GEO no. 13/2013 and the General Terms and Conditions regarding the provision of postal services complete and are applicable to this mechanism.