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Fast deliveries in Bucharest? Bucharest Express & Regular

Some situations can not wait until the next day and must be solved as quickly as possible. With Bucharest Express & Regular service, parcels are picked up and delivered in the same day in Bucharest and surrounding area.


  • Orders placed after 16.00 for same day delivery are priced as Express (Regular orders will be delivered the next day, from 09.00).
  • DPD reserves the right to not accept orders for Bucharest     Express service, due to the following situations:

-       Special weather conditions such as fog, snow, floods,  and codes yellow or red

-       Excessive volume of orders in relation to existing logistical supply due to atypical situations and busy periods, such as:Christmas, New Year, Easter, 1st and 8th March.


  • Clients will be informed of this whilst placing the orders. Under these circumstances, a clients’ agreement that DPD takes the Bucharest Express orders, signifies their acceptance of the risk of failure of the Bucharest Express services described.
  • Shipping envelopes and parcels in Bucharest and surrounding areas.
  • Door-to-Door service with same day delivery.
  • Processing parcel on the address - 15 min. free.
  • Proof of Delivery - on request.
  • Maximum weight / parcel is 3 Kg.
  • Processing parcel on the address - 15 min. free
  • Additional assurance
  • Redirect parcel