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DPD is not responsible for any occasional difficulties with functioning issues on the website, not for any other damages which might arise because of improper, untimely or incomplete information’s that are published on this website.


DPD will carefully protect your information’s, which you forward through website in anyway, because they cherish and protect your privacy. Therefore website operate in accordance with the requirements of the Personal data protection Act (Uradni list RS, št. 94/07 – official consolidated text) and Electronic commerce market Act (Uradni list RS, št 98/04 – official consolidated text, 61/06 – ZEPT in 46/14).


For protection of your personal information’s we use reasonable organizational, technical and administrative resources. If you think, that your interaction with us is not safe, please don't hesitate to contact us at the following e-mail address.


In accordance with the first point, article 6 of the Personal data protection Act, personal data is every data relating to individual, regardless of the form in which it is expressed.


In general, our website can be used without revealing your identity. If you want that we perform service for you, or if you want certain information from us, we need your information, just so we can fulfil your request. Therefore we only collect data that are absolutely necessary for us to perform required service for you. We collect your personal data only and exclusively when you voluntarily enter them or you immediately agree with this kind of collecting data.


Information, provided by you, through the forms that are published on each subpage will be used for the following purposes:

  • to respond to your demand and questions;
  • to fulfil your requirements in respect to the service that is ordered
  • for the purposes of marketing and research;
  • to ensure development of new products and services, based on user trends;
  • for business purposes, to which we count analysis of data and possible requirements of auditors


Your personal data may be stored and managed in any of the countries in which the GeoPost Group, which also includes DPD, have their branch or service providers. By using our website you agree with this terms. We inform you, that other countries may determine different kind of rules on Personal data protection that are here in Slovenia, which means that data protections in such countries might be lower. All the information are stored on servers. Access to servers has a handful of authorized people, responsible for technical, commercial and editorial aspects of servers. The information you provide are carefully protected from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or publication.


We process data only internally, and we transmit the data only for the purpose of providing specific services (transmission of the data to carrier, in order to provide service of delivery packages), whereby all the persons to whom data are transmitted in order to perform service, need to act in accordance with Personal data protection Act and other relevant legislation. Each service is performed by subcontractors, about what you are informed through general terms of business and through your service contract.


DPD will forward all the information to court or to any other state authority if the court or any other competent authority will impose that to us.


When you visit our website, your IP address, time of visit and visited sites will automatically record in our server files. Collecting IP addresses is everyday practice on many websites. In accordance with current legislation we do not use IP addresses for anything else than for measuring the use of our website, for diagnose problems with server and for manage our website.


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This website may also contain links to other website, whereby DPD explicitly declares that this Privacy Policy does not apply to any other website that this links lead to. For protection of personal and other data on such website, DPD does not take any responsibility and recommends you familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy of specific website that you enter.


This Privacy Policy may change. Any change to this Privacy Policy will be effective only when this change on the Privacy Policy will be published on the website. By using the website after the Privacy Policy was changed, you agree with the new Privacy Policy.


As already stated, you have, as a user of this website, all the rights to access information of you that we store. If you will think and prove that personal data that are relating to you are incomplete, inaccurate or out of date or have been collected or processed contrary to the law, we will immediately complete, correct, block or erase, on your demand. On your demand we will also inform all the contract processors to whom your data were forwarded in order to provide a service for you, about all the changes, except if this would mean big expenses for the DPD, disproportionate effort or if it would require a lot of time. In this case, referred to this paragraph, please contact us at







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