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Electromobility: emission-free delivery.

The world's first ex-works battery-driven vans are initiating a new era of emission-free transport. The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL is especially suitable for inner-city deliveries, which is why seven of these vehicles are in operation on behalf of DPD in Hamburg and in the Stuttgart conurbation. DPD in Hamburg makes deliveries with two identical models. Worldwide DPD is one of the first transport operators to test this technology in its daily operations.

The Vito E-CELL, which emits neither exhaust fumes nor engine noise, enables DPD to deliver parcels without generating any pollution. However, the Vito E-CELL has a lower load capacity and a shorter range than conventional DPD delivery vehicles.

This is why the Vito is used only for deliveries to private consignees in inner-city areas. Here the driver has to make a relatively large number of stops within a small area in order to deliver parcels. In contrast to business consignees, private customers generally only receive a single parcel. In inner city areas this therefore means many stops, combined with relatively small parcel volumes and short distances.

The electric vehicles are charged at charging stations which have been set up at the DPD branches in Ludwigsburg, Wendlingen and Hamburg. Batteries are charged at night when surplus electricity is available, which means that no additional electricity needs to be generated for the purpose of charging the batteries.

The Vito E-CELL has a range of around 130 kilometres. Its maximum speed of 80 km/h is designed for transport operations both within the city and for short distances in suburban areas.