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Environmentally-friendly technologies for depots.

At its locations DPD invests in environmentally-friendly technologies aimed at the effective reduction of its energy consumption. This enables DPD to cut both its costs and CO2 emissions which are harmful to the climate by applying a range of different measures.

In the construction of new depots DPD sets benchmarks when it comes to protecting the climate. For example in 2012 DPD opened a new parcel distribution centre in Erftstadt, using in the construction for the most part natural, recyclable building materials such as wood. The office building is heated and cooled with geothermal energy, while an intelligent lighting concept ensures that optimum use is made of daylight, with electric light only being applied in those areas where it is directly required.

At the new depot location in Nuremberg the focus was also very much on sustainable construction methods. At this depot DPD uses geothermal energy for heating and cooling, while an innovative energy management system ensures that all savings potentials are exploited to the full. The roofs of the buildings are designed for the installation of solar panels, while the gables of the sorting hall form a large area of glass which reduces the energy requirements for electric lighting.

Countrywide environmental concepts for depots in Germany
DPD applies efficient environmental planning across all of its locations in Germany. Together with energy consultants DPD has developed a lighting concept which is applied as standard at all DPD locations. This enables DPD to save approximately 120 tonnes of CO2 per depot annually while even improving lighting conditions. In addition, a successful pilot project led to the implementation of a recycling concept which, by improving the system of waste separation, avoided 75% of the waste previously generated and reduced the consumption of resources correspondingly.