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Express Services. Domestic Shipping.


If you send your domestic shipments with DPD 10:00, DPD 12:00, DPD 18:00 and City Service, then your goods are guaranteed to arrive at their destinations the next working day no later than the specified time.When you use our domestic Express products you will benefit from highly optimised processes, fast delivery times, online status reports and proofs of delivery, and useful supplementary options. You can opt to receive information about the progress of an Express shipment, any delays that may arise, or simply a confirmation of delivery - all to as many as five email addresses and telephone numbers.

  • DPD 10:00 Express delivery by 10 a.m.
  • DPD 12:00 Express delivery by 12 noon
  • DPD 18:00 Express delivery by 6 p.m.
  • Available Cities (558,99 kB)

* Delivery by DPD 10:00, DPD 12:00 and DPD 18:00 is Monday to Friday.

  • Time-definite delivery.
  • Includes insurance of up to 2 500 € per parcel.
  • Proof of delivery available.

You can choose from the following options in conjunction with the Express-Service:

  • Collection request 
  • ID-check 
  • C.O.D. 
  • Exchange Service 
  • DPD Wine Logistics