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We care for our Community.

We regard ourselves as being part of the society in which we work. As a result, we make a strong contribution to the general well-being of the community and support many not-for-profit organisations – not just by making financial donations but also through voluntary work and the provision of logistical support.

These examples demonstrate how DPD shows responsibility for the community:

Support of the Guide Dog Training School in Bratislava is a part of the project “Responsibility”. Within cooperation, DPD has been supporting the puppies from the breeding kennel of the Training School since 2007.

One Hour to Children is a whole-year financial collection organised by the Children of Slovakia Foundation. It is aimed at supporting children and youth, their development, education and the projects improving quality of their lives. Since its establishment, One Hour to Children has collected almost 4.5 million EUR, which were devoted to the support of approximately 1500 projects.


The Good Angel is a non-profit organisation and it is now the seventh year when the Good Angel helps the families with one of their member suffering from a serious disease and where such disease causes financial problems to those families. Ten thousand donors contribute monthly through this organisation with the financial amounts and the resulting amount is then divided among the families which need help. DPD cooperates with the Good Angel in a long term and supports this organisation in achieving its aims.

A Drop of Hope is a foundation supporting therapeutic, cultural and social needs of the sick children suffering from cancer. It helps to finance devices for the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit of the Children Haematology and Oncology Department in the II Children Clinic of the Children Faculty Hospital with Health Centre in Bratislava.

This year the charity event duck Race took place the sixth time in the area Divoká Voda (Wild Water) in Čunovo. This event organised by the Community Foundation Bratislava is every year aimed at the support of non-profit organisations. DPD took part in this event the second year and helped with the logistics of the whole project, too. It was the DPD courier who delivered the ducks to start.

The Red Nose is a non-profit organisation aimed at the support of psychical welfare of children and seniors in hospitals and curative facilities. With its activities, it improves their health condition and accelerates a time of therapy. By humour and entertainment, the clowns from this organisation try to detach the patients from their everyday problems in hospitals, from fear and tension caused by treatment and examinations.

Children to Basketball is a project of the basketball club Spišská Nová Ves. Its aim is to offer children – the schoolchildren of the first degree at basic schools in the country and in the cities – the alternative in the form of sport to compete with the Internet and social networks.

Through the non-profit organisation Rotaract Danube Bratislava, DPD annually supports the Children’s Day in the Primary Boarding School for Blind and Visually Impaired Children in Levoča.