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Carbon offsetting is a term used to describe how companies or individuals can balance out the carbon they produce on a daily basis. Organisations calculate the amount of carbon they produce and then purchase credits from projects involved in carbon production. DPD has partnered with CDC Climat to manage its offsetting.

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Restoration of degraded areas in Colombia

This project is aimed at restoring a real forest, with a focus on re-establishing its rich ecosystem, in opposition to the common practice of reforestation through planting monocultures for tree plantations. 

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Alfalfa dehydration - Biomass energy in France

This project aims at reducing emissions by introducing fuel switch (biomass) and energy efficiency measures (pre-drying in fields) in the alfalfa dehydration process.

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National Biodigester Programme in Cambodia

In Cambodia, the emission-intensive fossil fuel kerosene is used for lighting, and food is usually cooked on open wood fires. The resulting smoke constitutes a substantial health hazard especially for those in charge of cooking, i.e. women and children. This Cambodian project provides a sustainable solution to these issues.

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