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In contrast to its competitors who use air transportation, DPD relies on its road network in Europe. However, it still generates a significant amount of carbon. Over 90% of its emissions are generated by transporting parcels, with the remainder generated by buildings and packaging.

DPD and its parent company La Poste have implemented a measurement scheme for carbon emissions and are constantly working to reduce the CO2 they produce. This work is carried out through a series of ‘insetting’ measures. These are initiatives designed to help lower the organisation’s carbon footprint under the umbrella of a longstanding group-wide responsibility strategy. They include a wide range of domestic and international projects and activities. 

Since July 2012, DPD has offset the remaining  CO2 emissions generated in seven of its European markets through investment by its parent company La Poste. This year (2013) will see the programme extend its reach to an additional ten countries. We offset carbon emissions of approximately 700.000 tonnes in 2013, generated through transport, buildings, packaging sold by DPD, and paper consumption. However, this figure will continuosly fall thanks to our insetting measures.